Home Remodeling - Trade Your Space!

Home Remodeling is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your living space. Often times it is not possible to simply move into a new house due to job, school and family commitments - not to mention the expense. The surge in popularity of Home Improvement and DIY (Do It Yourself) shows on television has prompted many people to consider trading spaces. Smaller improvement jobs can be done by homeowners themselves, such as painting a room. However, more involved projects like a complete home remodel, kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, or adding a room, garage or home addition should be left to a professional like Riverfront Builders. As a North Carolina licensed General Contractor we have the knowledge and experience to ensure that proper permits are filed, local building code standards are met and electrical, plumbling and HVAC work is completed by licensed contractors. You can depend on us to ensure that your renovation is done properly, safely and on-time and on budget.

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Beach Condominium Remodel

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Condo Kitchen Remodel - Before Condo Kitchen Remodel - After Condo Kitchen Remodel - Before Condo Kitchen Remodel - After
Condo Kitchen Remodel - After
Condo Bathroom Remodel - Before Condo Bathroom Remodel - After